XLS VendorRating – Modules

XLS VendorRating comes with a variety of modules; we have listed a few of the most important ones for you. If you want to know more about all possible module, please fill out our contact form for a brochure or further contact information here.

Vendor rating

Vendor rating is, of course, the core of XLS VendorRating. Using our advanced assessment techniques, a user can easily judge a supplier by delivery reliability and overall company reliability. Keep track of a supplier’s ISO certifications and whether they are conform to your guidelines.

Contractmanagement and assessment

The problem appears in a lot of businesses: a contract was signed, but still, terms in the contract are not met. A lot of contracts don’t deliver the satisfaction you would have expected. With XLS VendorRating, you have the possibility to enter and manage contract information. Using our assessment forms, it is possible to judge a supplier on specific contract rules.


User management

XLS VendorRating has an advanced user module with which it is possible to give each individual user his or her own specific user rights. Maintain integrity and offer a better user experience by giving users only access to those screens or modules they need.


Your company can have a number of suppliers that need different kinds of assessments. Using classifications, it is easy to organize suppliers per branch or country, and link these classifications to specific assessment forms.


XLS VendorRating will keep you up to date on your supplier’s performances on any given time of day. View performances per supplier, per group or just view them all, using one of our pre defined reports. Sort them weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly with the special time-filters.