The ultimate software solution for rating suppliers

XLS VendorRating is the ultimate software solution for measuring and assessing the performance of your suppliers using pre-determined criteria. After the assessment, you can easily create a report that shows you the supplier’s performance at a glance.


Discover all possibilities of XLS VendorRating.

Why choose XLS VendorRating?

The software charts assessment criteria, constructs questionnaires, performs measurements and interprets the results. Measurements are performed quickly, the results are saved and reports can be consulted at any time. By performing these measurements regularly, both the tactical and strategic picture with regards to your supplier’s performance will become clear. With XLS VendorRating performance data can be saved and processed in order for management to be able to easily assess the services rendered. By using the software, users of the services at an operational level are involved in the decision taking process. This creates an unambiguous picture of the situation within the organisation.