XLS VendorRating – Benefits


XLS VendorRating is highly flexible. By using our advanced linking-module, it is possible to link the software to any ERP system. In addition to this flexibility, the software is completely customizable which makes it integrate in your business like any custom-build system would.

  • Complete integration with your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and office-application(s).
  • Automatic database-connection with your own vending- and other business-system.
  • The comprehensive assessment-forms are completely adjustable and compilable as needed.
  • Vending-specific criteria including measuring factors can be custom-defined.
  • Objective (based on numbers and factual measurements like ‘overdue/too early’) and subjective assessments possible.
  • Register multiple products per supplier.
  • Import and manage supplier, order and product data.
  • Classify suppliers as needed, for example by branch or product.


The simplicity of XLS VendorRating increases work-efficiency and helps building a relaxed work experience. The controls are logical and consequent. With the system automating a lot of tasks, you can keep your full focus on the core of your business.

  • Clear design, intuitive interface and steep training period.
  • Multiple sort and select options.
  • Select, visualize and adjust information with a few mouse clicks.
  • Convenient wizards to simplify data input.
  • Multiple pie charts and bar graphs.
  • Comprehensive style and design options.
  • Send report directly as PDF using email or upload to internet/intranet in HTML format.


Lower your vending costs by watching your supplier’s performance more closely. Using comprehensive reports with tables and graphs, XLS VendorRating gives you a clear insight on your supplier’s performance. You can use a wide variety of report to gain more insight in the information on different levels. This way, you can improve the relationship with the supplier and minimalize the costs.

  • Judge your business processes occasionally or on a regular basis.
  • Grade your supplier’s performances over a specific supplying period based on your own personal standards and measurements.
  • Temporarily or permanently exclude specific data from performance measurements.
  • Display performance per month, per supplier of per classification.
  • Display suppliers that perform below or above average.
  • Article prices en scores per supplier in comprehensive or short display.
  • Analyze historic performance development.
  • Strategic, tactical and operational analyzes for policy formulation of management purposes.



24/7 support

Being an experienced software company, XLS Global knows how important good support is. As an owner of the VendorRating license you have unlimited access to our support- and service desk. All your questions about the program, installation, data processing and other wishes are answered directly by our service-desk. The service desk is manned with software-specialists that will think along and will answer all your questions quickly and adequate.

  • 24/7 support
  • Always direct contact with one of our specialists
  • Live support remotely or on location